Welcome to L’Aubergine

My name is Leonard and cooking is my passion. I grew up eating my grandma’s delicious food and helping out my uncle in his pastry shop.
In 2011 I decided to become a chef and share with everyone the taste that reminds me of my childhood.

It took me a while to find my true way, today I want to offer to all of my customers, the authentic taste of fresh and delicious ingredients cooked on the spot and that is why I am turning regular recipes from my home region, Transylvania, into trending dishes. My food is honest and authentic, prepared with the utmost attention to details.

Today, along with my caravan, L’Aubergine, I do catering for all kinds of private events, serve in canteens and take part in festivals.


  • Wie op zoek is naar strikt vegetarische hapjes en dol is op aubergines kan terecht bij l’Aubergine. Daar staat de Roemeense kok gerookte groenten te grillen en smeert hij broodjes onder met zelfgemaakte tapenades.


    Het Parool

  • The food was great. Tasty, well presented and something different form the standard food truck meals. I’d give it 5 stars out of 5.


  • The small bites were delicious, definitely a food you have not tried before and don’t usually eat at home. A new yummy veggie experience. They were served with a big smile from Mr. Aubergine, surrounded by friends on a sunnyday, which made the whole tasting of new food excellent. Definitely recommending!