About Me

I am Leonard and I come from Romania. I have lived in the Netherlands for a quarter of my life and not so many years ago I got this crazy thought that I want to share with the Dutch some of the best dishes my home region, Transylvania, has to offer, some of my childhood favorites.

I toyed with the idea in my head for a while and then I just decided to go for it. Today I have a food truck and a catering business. Whatever dish I develop goes through various iteration rounds and gets thoroughly tested on my wife and friends.

When I lack inspiration I turn to my bass guitar to calm down and think what next.

My biggest joy is seeing people’s faces light up in a broad smile when, after careful consideration, they decide to take a leap of faith and try my food. What keeps me going is the sheer joy of seeing people eating my food and sighing deeply as they give into the wholesome taste.

There’s nothing better to bring people together than food and I am so happy to have dedicated myself to this. My biggest dream is to have my little family owned restaurant and every time I serve my food I feel I am getting one step closer to that.